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Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are great plants for dry and sunny spots in your garden - as drought-tolerant plants they'll cope with hot, dry weather, blooming throughout the summer. Deadheading them will help to prolong the flowering period. Lift and store your dahlia tubers in the autumn, ready to be planted out the following spring. Read our how to grow bulbs guide for more information.

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Dahlia 'Akita'

Burnt orange petals with red and yellow highlights form the large blooms of fiery Dahlia 'Akita'. The long lasting flowers of this decorative variety stand tall on sturdy stems throughout summer and continue well into autumn. Growing to a manageable height of 1 metre, this dahlia is ideal to fill throughout sunny borders or add a bright splash of warm colour to patio pots. You can even cut some for an exotic looking flower arrangement indoors. Height: 100cm (39"). Spread: 50cm (20").

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    • 2 dahlia tubers

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    • 4 dahlia tubers

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Dahlia 'Motto'

Decorative Dahlia

This glowing decorative Dahlia is a welcome sight at the end of summer. Radiant orange petals create perfectly formed flower heads that make stunning cut flowers. The tall stems of Dahlia 'Motto' are perfect for adding height and a splash of late season colour to borders and containers. Tuber size 1. Height: 100cm (39"). Spread: 40cm (16").

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    • 10 dahlia tubers

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