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Daffodil Bulbs

Daffodils growing in masses are a delightful sight and, with colours ranging from white, yellow and pink, there's a daffodil for every garden. Plant them in pots or grow them in bold drifts naturalised in grass for maximum effect. Watch our video on how to grow bulbs for the best results.

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Narcissus 'Butterfingers'


  • Large-cupped flowers
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Tall sturdy stems

Large butter-yellow trumpets surrounded by creamy-white petals make this a choice selection for spring displays. Tall sturdy stems and a sweet fragrance make 'Butterfingers' an ideal cut flower option for spring vase displays. In the garden this large-flowered daffodil is best suited to border planting, or naturalising in lawns and shady woodland areas. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread 15cm (6")
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    • 10 x narcissus bulbs

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    • 40 x narcissus bulbs

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