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Crocus Bulbs

After a long and cold winter, crocus flowers are a welcome sight and a sign that spring is truly on its way. Plant the bulbs in the autumn either in borders, beds and containers or naturalised in grass. Some varieties will even flower in the autumn if you plant them early enough!

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Crocus 'Ruby Giant'

A superbly weather resistant variety which can be easily naturalised in grass. Crocus 'Ruby Giant' is an early cultivar blooming from as early as February. A fabulous display of purple flowers rise above slender, strap-like foliage. The large blooms are supported on sturdy stems, ensuring that they remain upright throughout the flowering period. Like all crocus, this variety will provide valuable nectar for pollinating insects in early spring. Bulb size 5/7. Height: 10cm (4"). Spread: 5cm (2"). More info
    • 75 crocus bulbs

    • Despatch: By end of September 2016
    • £9.99

Crocus 'T&M Mix'

For a sparkling spring show, these colourful crocuses are hard to beat. Perfect for planting in rockeries, naturalising in grass, or growing in large groups beneath trees and shrubs. Just scatter a handful of bulbs and plant them where they fall for a really natural effect. For a more compact display grow crocus in containers or window boxes where you can appreciate their jewel like flowers. Height: 10cm (4"). Spread: 5cm (2"). Bulb size: 7/8.

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    • 40 crocus bulbs

    • Despatch: By end of September 2016
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    • 80 crocus bulbs

    • Despatch: By end of September 2016
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    • 160 crocus bulbs

    • Despatch: By end of September 2016
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    • £17.99 £9.99