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Trees - ever fancied growing one in your garden, but worried about it getting too big? They're not all giants and our range features deciduous and evergreen trees for all sizes of garden. Some can even be grown in large containers on the patio.

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Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Rubrum'

  • Every garden needs an easy grow acer
A striking Japanese Maple with graceful arching shoots and a neat, mound forming habit. In autumn, the finely cut, feathery green-red foliage transforms in a blaze of colour to a fiery shade of orange. Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Rubrum' is slow growing, making an ideal focal point for a sheltered position, or an excellent specimen for a large patio container. Height: Up to 2m (6'). Spread: Up to 3m (10').
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    • 1 x 9cm potted acer plant

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £16.99
    • 2 x 9cm potted acer plants

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £24.99

Acer palmatum 'Starfish'

Japanese Maple

  • Unusual new Japanese Maple with starfish-like foliage
Japanese maples are the perfect option for adding dramatic autumn leaf colour to the garden as well as year round shape and structure. Out latest introduction offers real star quality thanks to a unique foliage. A downward curl to each leaf gives the appearance of a fleshy starfish! The red of each leaf intensifies moving towards autumn, before working through a myriad of shades before leaf fall. Slow growing and upright in habit, Acer 'Starfish' is the perfect tree for a small garden and will perform perfectly in a large patio pot, where planting out isn't an option. Thriving in shade as well as dappled sun, this is the perfect option for filing awkward corners of the garden. Height: 200cm (79"). Spread: 75cm (30")
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    • 1 x 3 litre potted acer plant

    • Despatch: By end of October 2016
    • £29.99
    • 2 x 3 litre potted acer plants

    • Despatch: By end of October 2016
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    • £59.98 £49.99

Picea glauca 'Biesenthaler Fruhling' (Large Plant)

White Spruce

Fresh, light green, almost creamy/yellow needles signify the start of the growing season for this dwarf white spruce. Picea glauca 'Biesenthaler Frühling' is a compact variety of naturally small conifers which are ideal for growing in shrubberies, rockeries and alpine gardens. As the foliage matures it turns a deeper green colour and the plant then more resembles our traditional "Christmas tree" shape and characteristics. Also suitable for growing in a container for many years as it is a slow growing variety and could be brought indoors during the festive season, providing it is not allowed to dry out. Height: 200cm (79"). Spread: 100cm (39").


Lifetime Guarantee on Hardy Plants Large Potted Plant Special Offer
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    • 1 x 2 litre potted picea plant

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £14.99
    • 2 x 2 litre potted picea plants

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £22.99

Dwarf Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis, European Fan Palm

The Dwarf Fan Palm, Chamerops humilis, is possibly one of the hardiest evergreen palm trees available. As the name suggests, its fan shaped leaves are produced on short, robust looking trunks and will definitely add an exotic feel to any garden. Slow growing and tough, this variety is ideal for container growing and will also produce clusters of yellow flowers in the summer to give an extra display and add yet further interest. Height: 200cm (78”). Spread: 150cm (59”). More info
    • 2 x 3 litre dwarf fan palm plants

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £44.99