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Shrubs & Roses

Shrubs and roses are great for filling gaps and adding interest to your beds and borders. There are many that are easy to grow and care for and will give you years of pleasure, making this range of plants great value for money! View our video on How to plant shrubs and take a look at Michael Perry's (New Product Development Manager) Top 5 shrub recommendations

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Rose 'The One and Only' (Hybrid Tea Rose)


 Customer Rating
  • Rich, crimson-red petals
  • Fully-double velvety blooms

Bred in France by the worldfamous Meilland company as part of their ‘Parfum de Provence’ programme, ‘The One and Only’ is bound to captivate anyone who sees or smells it. Each flower head is tightly packed with rich, crimson-red petals that look and feel like velvet, and are fully double - giving the appearance of an old-fashioned English rose. And here's the best bit... the scent of this hybrid tea rose is like no other - fruity, spicy, indulgent. Go ahead and make some space in your garden today and you will soon berewarded with a glorious display of top-quality, scarlet-red roses - cut your own stems for your loved one.

Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers click here.

Companion planting: Try growing roses with garlic, chives, thyme or mint to help deter aphids and blackfly.

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Companion Planting

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    • 1 bareroot plant

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    • £9.99
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Buddleja 'Buzz™ Indigo'

Buddleja davidii, Buddleia, Butterfly Bush

  • New in 2014
  • World Exclusive
  • Order early - limited stocks
Our sensational patio Buddlejas are taking the gardening world by storm - and here’s a brand new colour to add to the range! Dusky, deep blue flowers smother the short, bushy stems of Dwarf Buddleja Buzz™ Indigo', attracting clouds of butterflies to its nectar rich blooms. This lovely compact shrub is perfectly proportioned for patio pots and smaller gardens. Height and spread: 120cm (47").

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How to grow Buddleja Buzz™

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    • 1 jumbo plug plant

    • Despatch: By end of March 2015
    • £7.99
    • 3 jumbo plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of March 2015
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