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NEW Autumn Bulbs & Shrubs

Our Autumn Catalogue range brings you a fabulous selection of bulbs, trees and shrubs to fill your gardens and features many new varieties for this year, including some world exclusives.

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Daphne 'Perfume Princess'

  • The World's Most Fragrant Shrub
  • Towers of fragrance
Pretty pink springtime flowers clothe the stems of this robust shrub and fill the garden with an exquisite perfume. Although slow growing, Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ is well worth the wait, forming a medium sized shrub with an attractive rounded habit. This hardy evergreen shrub has increased in popularity in recent years, providing year round interest as a specimen plant in borders and containers. Height and spread: 120cm (47").
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    • 1 x 10.5cm potted plant

    • Despatch: By end of May 2015
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    • 2 x 10.5cm potted plants

    • Despatch: By end of May 2015
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Stock 'Most Scented Mix' (Garden Ready)

Matthiola incana, Gillyflower

You can plant our garden-ready plants straight into the garden when they arrive - it couldn’t be easier! There’s no need to re-pot them or to grow them on - just plant and water them. Pretty soon you’ll be enjoying their wonderful displays of colour.

Specially selected for their strong and spicy fragrance and fabulous colours! Start growing Stock 'Most Scented Mix' in autumn for spring borders that will look and smell incredible. These pretty Gillyflowers make superb bedding plants and don't forget to cut some for a vase indoors too. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 20cm (8").


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    • 30 stock garden-ready plants

    • Despatch: By end of August 2015
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    • £14.99

Narcissus 'Green Eyed Lady'


A deep green eye compliments the pristine white petals of this elegant variety. Narcissus 'Green Eyed Lady' boasts a creamy yellow cup which gradually fades to purest white. Stylish in its simplicity, this beautiful fragrant narcissus makes a fabulous companion for other spring bulbs, but is equally eye-catching when planted alone in large drifts. Height: 50cm (20"). Spread: 15cm (6"). Bulb size 12/14. More info
    • 20 narcissus bulbs

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Hyacinth 'Crystal Doubles Mixed'


Hyacinth ‘Crystal Doubles Mixed’ combines fully double blooms in the most elegant shades of pink and white with a wonderful springtime perfume. The densely packed flower spikes of these hardy hyacinths make superb cut flowers for a vase indoors. Perfect for formal bedding displays, dotted through the front of borders or planted in containers for a bright windowsill. Height: 25cm (10"). Spread: 8cm (3"). Bulb size 16/17.

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    • 16 hyacinth bulbs

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Hyacinth 'Fresco'

Hyacinthus orientalis

Decorate your borders and containers with the enormous blooms of Hyacinth ‘Fresco’. Large, erect flower spikes are densely packed with some of the biggest Hyacinth flowers ever seen, in a delicate shade of sky blue. The powerful fragrance gives this hardy Hyacinth even more impact, particularly when used as a cut flower. An eye-catching bulb for dotting throughout the front of borders or filling containers both indoors and outside on the patio. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 8cm (3"). Bulb size 17/18.

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How to grow bulbs, corms and tubersHow to grow hyacinths

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    • 6 hyacinth bulbs

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