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NEW Autumn Bulbs & Shrubs

Our Autumn Catalogue range brings you a fabulous selection of bulbs, trees and shrubs to fill your gardens and features many new varieties for this year, including some world exclusives.

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Soldanella montana

Snowbell, Mountain Tassel

Nodding spring blooms, with fringed pale blue petals are carried on upright stems like little parasols. The unusual flowers of Soldanella montana rise above clumps of rounded, leathery green foliage that remains evergreen. Commonly known as the Snowbell, this delightful and rarely seen hardy perennial makes a unique feature in the rockery or planted in alpine troughs.Height and spread: 20cm (8"). More info
    • 1 x 9cm potted plant

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
    • £14.99
    • 2 x 9cm potted plants

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
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    • £29.98 £19.99

Clematis 'Blue River'

Clematis 'Zoblueriver', Old Man's Beard

A stunning diversifolia group Clematis! Sky blue, star shaped flowers with distinctive white anthers are borne throughout summer, followed by attractive, fluffy seed heads. Clematis ‘Blue River’ is semi-herbaceous with a scrambling, non clinging habit that is perfect for wandering among herbaceous borders or as ground cover, tumbling over low walls. This charming variety is free flowering, so there will be plenty of blooms to spare for cut flower arrangements indoors. Height: 120cm (47"). Spread: 60cm (24"). Pruning group: 3.

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More info
    • 1 jumbo clematis plug plant

    • Despatch: By end of June 2015
    • £12.99
    • 3 jumbo clematis plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of April 2015
    • £19.99

Heteropappus meyendorfii

Blue Chrysanthemum

  • Hundreds of electric blue blooms
Like a little blue Chrysanthemum, this fabulous plant produces an abundance of blooms from late summer, and continues throughout autumn. Heteropappus meyendorfii is a colourful, late flowering half hardy perennial with a lovely spreading habit. This pretty little daisy is perfect for filling gaps in containers and late summer borders when other plants are beginning to fade. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 45cm (18").
More info
    • 5 Postiplug plants

    • Despatch:
    • £8.99
    • Out of stock
    • 10 Postiplug plants

    • Despatch:
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    • £17.98 £12.99
    • Out of stock

Hyacinth 'Fresco'

Hyacinthus orientalis

Decorate your borders and containers with the enormous blooms of Hyacinth ‘Fresco’. Large, erect flower spikes are densely packed with some of the biggest Hyacinth flowers ever seen, in a delicate shade of sky blue. The powerful fragrance gives this hardy Hyacinth even more impact, particularly when used as a cut flower. An eye-catching bulb for dotting throughout the front of borders or filling containers both indoors and outside on the patio. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 8cm (3"). Bulb size 17/18.

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    • 6 hyacinth bulbs

    • Despatch:
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    • £33.98 £24.99
    • Out of stock