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Clematis Plants

Clematis plants, commonly known as 'Old Man's Beard', have a multitude of uses in the garden. Large flowered clematis will quickly transform walls and fences during the summer. Grow evergreen clematis and winter flowering clematis varieties for colour and interest during the darkest months, or hide ugly outbuildings with the vigorous growth of Clematis montana. You can even find dwarf clematis for smaller gardens or trailing from patio pots.

View our full range of clematis plants for sale below. Find out more about growing clematis in our 'Climbing plants for walls and fences' article and how to prune a clematis.

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Clematis 'Blue River'

Clematis 'Zoblueriver', Old Man's Beard

A stunning diversifolia group Clematis! Sky blue, star shaped flowers with distinctive white anthers are borne throughout summer, followed by attractive, fluffy seed heads. Clematis 'Blue River' is semi-herbaceous with a scrambling, non clinging habit that is perfect for wandering among herbaceous borders or as ground cover, tumbling over low walls. This charming variety is free flowering, so there will be plenty of blooms to spare for cut flower arrangements indoors. Height: 120cm (47"). Spread: 60cm (24"). Pruning group: 3.

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