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Our range of bamboo and ornamental grass seeds will create a real talking point in your garden. They're perfect planting partners to summer annuals and add height and structure to borders. Ornamental grasses will attract wildlife into your garden and may provide shelter for grasshoppers, lacewings and many others, as well as producing seed as food for birds.

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Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' (Large Plant)


An easy to grow evergreen plant for patio pots, borders and rockeries. Festuca glauca has grassy leaves, which are an unusual shade of cobalt blue. An excellent plant for designing in the garden, thanks to the architectural appearance.

Tufted, clump-forming plants stay compact at just 30cm (12") tall, and can be mixed with bedding plants, herbaceous perennials or planted into rockeries or into gravel gardens. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 25cm (10").

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    • 1 x 3.5 litre potted festuca plant

    • Despatch: By end of August 2015
    • £10.99
    • 2 x 3.5 litre potted festuca plants

    • Despatch: By end of August 2015
    • £19.99

Carex oshimensis 'Evergold' (Large Plant)

Carex morrowii 'Evergold', Sedge

A sun-loving ornamental grass with evergreen, slender leaves, etched in green and gold. Carex 'Evergold' can also be planted into shade, where it will brighten up a dark corner.

Carex 'Evergold' is excellent for rock gardens, border edging, patio pots or for planting in gravel. Height and Spread: 50cm (19").

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    • 1 x 1 litre potted carex plant

    • Despatch: By end of August 2015
    • £9.99
    • 2 x 1 litre potted carex plants

    • Despatch: By end of August 2015
    • £16.99