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Cucumber 'Diva'

Cucumis sativus, Cucumber 'La Diva'

Greenhouse/ outdoor type.

This prolific variety produces high yields of mini cucumbers that are perfect for snacking or adding to lunchboxes. The 12cm (5") fruits have smooth, glossy skins and seedless flesh that is refreshingly crisp and sweet. Cucumber ‘Diva’ is all female flowering, and shows good resistance to downy and powdery mildew so you can be sure of a good crop. A superb variety that is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, preferably trained against a support. Height: 3m (9’). Spread: 45cm (18").
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    • 1 packet (10 cucumber seeds)

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Marigold 'Konstance'

Tagetes patula x erecta, Afro-French Marigold

Large, double mahogany blooms smother this fabulous Afro-French Marigold from midsummer right through to the autumn. Marigold ‘Konstance’ proved to be quite outstanding in T&M’s trials, combining the superb garden performance, resilience, and weather resistance of its French parentage with the showy blooms from its African lineage. These bushy little plants are neat and robust - just perfect for filling beds and containers or edging borders with long lasting colour. Height and spread: 35cm (14"). More info
    • 1 packet (100 marigold seeds)

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Lettuce 'Elyburg' (Iceberg/Cos)

Lactuca sativa

A breeding breakthrough which has taken five years to introduce to gardeners. Unique Iceberg x Little Gem cos, marketed as a 'gemberg', which combines the sweetness and crunch of Iceberg with the flavour, dark colour and nutritional values of a Gem cos. Compact plant habit, looks like a 'rosebud' from above. Excellent bolting tolerance for successional sowings throughout the season, also very good downy-mildew resistance. More info
    • 1 packet (200 lettuce seeds)

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