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Direct-Fill Hanging Basket

  • New in 2015
  • T&M Exclusive
  • Our New Direct-Fill Hanging Basket for all your plugs and Postiplugs®
  • We know that plastic hanging baskets offer the best growing conditions for your summer bedding plants - warmth and moisture retention, but we also understand that black plastic can look a little stark as you wait for your plants to fill out.

    We've hit on the perfect solution with our latest hanging basket. All the virtues of plastic, but printed with the decorative appearance of a moss-lined basket. Not only that, we've added two sizes of pop-out holes for side planting. Whether you use our Postiplugs® or the smaller plugs, both will fit snugly into our new basket.

    What's more, our Direct-Fill Hanging Basket is easy to plant and mess-free to boot. With no large openings, compost won't spill out. Simply fill with compost level with the side planting holes, add your plants, fill with compost, then finish off by adding plants in the top.

    Dimensions: Height: 16cm (6") Width at top: 30cm (12") Width at base: 16cm (6")
    Chain length: 41cm (16")

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      • 2 hanging baskets

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      • 4 hanging baskets

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    Pansy and Polyanthus Duo

    • New in 2015
    The 'Pansy and Polyanthus Duo' contains 72 plug plants, 36 each of Pansy 'Matrix'™ Mixed - This super pansy produces more flowers than the average pansy and they're bigger and more fragranced than ever! and Polyanthus 'Crescendo®' which paints a rainbow of colour with its large blooms in bright colours making bold splashes in pots, window boxes and borders.
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      • 72 plug plants - 36 of each variety

      • Despatch: By end of September 2015
      • £11.99

    Tower Pot™

    This supportive frame is specially designed to train plants into pillars of colour on your patio. Easy to assemble, the sturdy lattice frame is ideal for all types of climbing plants, including climbing petunias, climbing geraniums and sweet peas. Simply guide the stems on to the Tower Pot™ frame and secure with soft twine. We recommend that you wear gardening gloves when removing old plants from the frame to protect your hands.
    Each pack contains 1 pot (38cm/15in diameter, 30cm/12in high), 1 pot saucer and a 2-part frame. Total height of pot and frame: 1.3m (4').
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