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Primrose 'Palazzo Collection'


  • New in 2015
  • The all new pom-pom primrose
Our lastest primrose introduction are already causing a big stir. To make ordering both ‘Palazzo Wine’ and ‘Palazzo Pink’ easier and more economical, we’re now offering them as a duo collection. Treat yourself to some winter luxury. Both velvety shades are topped off with a rich silver-laced edge and sumptuous ruffled petals, making the perfect centrepiece plant for winter and spring containers, baskets and bedding displays. Height: 25cm (10in). Spread: 20cm (8in).
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    • 6 primrose jumbo plug plants - 3 of each colour

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
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    • £17.98 £12.99

Patio Vegetable Planters

Ideal for growing fresh vegetables on the patio or in small gardens throughout the year. Each pack contains three planters in various sizes: 40 Litre (large - 45 x 25cm), 38 Litre (Medium - 30 x 40cm), 35 Litre (Small - 25 x 45cm). More info
    • 3 planters

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • SAVE £7  
    • £16.99 £9.99

Rose 'Giant Collection' (Hybrid Tea Rose)


  • New in 2015

An extra special selection of hybrid tea roses hand-picked for the largest, fullest, most showy flowers you'll find. The varieties in the mix offer perfectly formed blooms, all giving the fruitiest fragrance. Plants are tough and disease resistant, guaranteeing top performance in your garden. Create a formal rose bed or dot this vibrant colour collection around the garden to tie everything together. Height and spread: 90cm (36").

  • Collection comprises one each of:
  • Rose 'Caprice' - Double pink blooms.
  • Rose 'Carl Neilson' - Double apricot flowers.
  • Rose 'Claus Dalby' - Creamy white flowers.
  • Rose 'Naomi' - The perfect shade of red.
  • Rose 'Racquel' - Palest pink blooms.
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    • 5 bare root rose plants - 1 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of November 2015
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    • £44.95 £29.99

Scented Gardenia - Gift

With its sumptuous pearlescent blooms, glossy evergreen foliage, this gorgeous gardenia will enthrall its recipient for the longest time. Beauty and fragrance in one charming gift. More info
    • 1 x Scented Gardenia

    • Despatch: Select your date at checkout
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    • £17.99 £10.99

Pansy and Polyanthus Duo

  • New in 2015
The 'Pansy and Polyanthus Duo' contains 72 plug plants, 36 each of Pansy 'Matrix'™ Mixed - This super pansy produces more flowers than the average pansy and they're bigger and more fragranced than ever! and Polyanthus 'Crescendo®' which paints a rainbow of colour with its large blooms in bright colours making bold splashes in pots, window boxes and borders.
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    • 72 plug plants - 36 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
    • £11.99

Cobra Hedgetrimmer

The Cobra hedge cutter is specifically designed for people who prefer easy to use, lightweight garden tools that are also powerful. This electric hedge trimmer features a double sided reciprocating cutting blade, with a generous spacing between teeth. Thanks to the double sided blade this tool is perfectly suited to shaping hedges, as the cutting direction can be altered easily and without the need for much movement, making it ideal for domestic gardens. The 10m cable ensures that you can reach all areas of your garden with ease.

The high blade speed and generous tooth spacing of this Cobra cutter means that you can cut through foliage quietly and efficiently, easily swapping from vertical to horizontal cutting using the front handle. Its lightweight design allows you to cut for extended periods of time, whilst the ergonomic controls and electric brake help to improve operator comfort and safety.
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    • 1 x Cobra Hedgetrimmer (600W)

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
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    • £69.99 £59.99
    • 1 x Cobra Hedgetrimmer (710W)

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
    • SAVE £15  
    • £84.99 £69.99