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Primrose 'Belarina Doubles Collection'


  • New in 2014
Say ‘goodbye’ to the winter blues with these little beauties! Primrose ‘Belarina Doubles Collection’ will cheer up your garden from spring through to early summer with their vibrant colour, delicate fragrance and evergreen rosettes of foliage. With exceptional hardiness, down to -25C (13F), these incredible perennials will come back year after year, no matter how cold the winter is! Like miniature roses, these double-flowered primroses look fabulous wherever you plant them, in pots, containers, beds or baskets, in sun or semi shade - and unlike other primroses they won’t need dead-heading! In this collection you will receive the following varieties: 'Nectarine', 'Amethyst Ice' and 'Pink Ice' Height: 15cm (6"). Spread: 20cm (8").
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    • 3 jumbo plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
    • £12.99
    • 6 jumbo plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
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    • £25.98 £16.99
    • 9 jumbo plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
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    • £38.97 £19.99


 Customer Rating
  • New in 2014
  • You'll grow up to 4 times more flowers
  • Enjoy healthy and vigorous green foliage
  • Easy-to-use, one-off single application
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting

Incredibloom® is a complete plant fertiliser that guarantees that your plants will be fed the correct nutrients as and when they need them. This ground breaking plant feed gives a fast acting, immediate result combined with a slow release, long-term effect and no waste or burning.

Our trials really have demonstrated the benefits of using the right fertiliser and with such dramatic results, it's a false economy not to add Incredibloom® to your order.

With an excellent balance of NPK and trace elements, one easy application is all that’s required to keep your plants well fed for the rest of the growing season.

N:P:K - 24:5:5 + 3Mg0 + 5S+TE with trace elements (0.02% boron, 0.06% iron & 0.01% Zinc)

For more information about Incredibloom® take a look at our helpful article.


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    • 1 x 100g pack

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • + £5 voucher  
    • £4.99
    • 1 x 750g pack

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £12.99
    • 2 x 750g packs

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
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    • £25.98 £19.99

Hibiscus - Christmas Gift

  • Customer favourite
  • Long-lasting hibiscus
Bring a touch of the tropics to Christmas! These exceptional, long-life hibiscus plants will deliver weeks of smiles during the festive season. Their decorative candle buds remain tightly closed for up to 14 days before swirling open into the most lavish blooms up to 15cm (6in) across. Each flower lasts for an incredible 4-6 days! 'Festive Flair' will re-bloom many times during the year indoors and can also be moved to a sheltered patio during the summer months.

Supplied in bud in a 13cm (6in) pot with a zinc cachepot. Overall height 30-35cm (12-14in).

SPECIAL OFFER - Buy this Hibiscus 'Festive Flair' for £10.99, offer ends at midnight on Friday 31st October 2014.
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    • 1 x Hibiscus 'Festive Flair' (Red)

    • Despatch: Select your date at checkout
    • £10.99

Asparagus Duo (Autumn Planting)

Grow your own tasty crop of asparagus this autumn. You don’t need an allotment to grow your own asparagus spears. A bed measuring just 1m x 1m is big enough to plant up to 8 asparagus crowns. Once established, you can harvest up to 15 spears per crown! To help you on your way, we have picked out two tasty varieties for you to get started - Ariane and Mondeo. These varieties are both well suited to autumn planting, settling in to summer-warmed soils from early October, which gives them a 6 month head start on spring planted asparagus.

Plus, you can also save on our raised bed and fertiliser. Raised beds are ideal for growing asparagus as they provide well drained soil conditions. Asparagus hates waterlogged soils - in fact it is very drought tolerant, although it is advisable to keep the plants watered during the first season of establishment.

Asparagus 'Ariane' - From German breeding, Asparagus 'Ariane' produces a heavy flush of delicious, large, purple-tipped spears early in the season. Smaller, 'fine' spears are also produced later in the season. This attractive variety has significant yield and quality improvements over many other varieties. Height: 150cm (59in). Spread: 45cm (18").
Asparagus 'Mondeo' - This versatile variety has created huge interest due to its impressive yields and quality, especially early in the season. The delicious spears have tight tips throughout the season, with excellent flavour and good disease resistance. Height: 150cm (59"). Spread: 45cm (18").
Raised Bed (normally £45.99) - An easy way of growing your asparagus crowns. The heat absorbing panels assemble in minutes making a 1m x 1m growing area. Suitable for growing 8 crowns.
800g pack of Chempak High Nitrogen Feed (normally £9.99) - The ideal all year round feed for green vegetables. This feed has a high nitrogen content which will get the leaves and stems of young plants off to a strong start.

Useful links:

How to grow asparagus


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    • 1m x 1m raised bed + 800g of Chempak High Nitrogen Feed

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £55.98 £39.99
    • 8 crowns - 4 each of Ariane & Mondeo

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
    • £14.99

Carrot 'Kelly' F1 Hybrid

Daucus carota

Breeding work in Nantes x Kuroda crosses has led to an increased performance in taste, sweetness, flesh quality and texture. This new maincrop variety produces long, shouldered, smooth-skinned roots tapering to a point. Sow for late autumn harvesting and storage overwinter. More info
    • 1 packet (400 carrot seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £0.99

Cucumber 'Diva'

Cucumis sativus, Cucumber 'La Diva'

Greenhouse/ outdoor type.

This prolific variety produces high yields of mini cucumbers that are perfect for snacking or adding to lunchboxes. The 12cm (5") fruits have smooth, glossy skins and seedless flesh that is refreshingly crisp and sweet. Cucumber 'Diva' is all female flowering, and shows good resistance to downy and powdery mildew so you can be sure of a good crop. A superb variety that is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, preferably trained against a support. Height: 3m (9"). Spread: 45cm (18").
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    • 1 packet (10 cucumber seeds)

    • Despatch: By end of October 2014
    • £0.99

Clematis montana Collection

Old Man's Beard

Cover your walls and fences with this beautiful Clematis montana Collection. In this collection you will receive the following varieties -
Clematis montana 'Continuity' - Clematis montana is well known for its vigorous growth and abundant spring flowers, but this variety goes the extra mile. Clematis montana 'Continuity' is repeat flowering so you can enjoy masses of satiny pink blooms from May right through to August. Give it plenty of space to roam and it will repay you with waves of colour that will cover walls and fences with ease. Height: 6m (19'). Spread: 3m (10'). Pruning group: 1.
Clematis montana 'Sunrise' - Bronze foliage compliments the fully double pink blooms of Clematis montana ‘Sunrise’. This eye catching variety will quickly form a wall of colour, romping freely to cover up unsightly walls and fences or soften the edges of outbuildings and garden sheds. Unlike many montanas, this double flowered Clematis is less vigorous and easier to contain within its boundaries. Height: 4m (13’). Spread: 2m (6’,5"). Pruning group: 1
Clematis montana 'Mayleen' - It could almost be known as the 'mile-a-minute' clematis, such is the rapid growth of this variety. Clematis montana 'Mayleen' is the best scented Clematis montana too, with delightful satin-pink ruffled blooms. As if that wasn't enough, it has sparkling bronze foliage too. If you want a quick-growing handsome climber, look no further! Height: 10m (33'). Spread: 3m (10'). Pruning Group 1.

Useful links:

How to prune a clematis

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    • 3 x 7cm potted clematis plants - 1 of each variety

    • Despatch: 29th October 2014
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    • £39.97 £14.99

Raspberry 'Full Season Collection'

Rubus idaeus

 Customer Rating

Enjoy fresh raspberries from late June all the way through to mid October with these British-Bred, superbly flavoured, heavy cropping varieties. Height: 150cm (59”). Spread: 50cm (20”).

Collection comprises:
Raspberry ‘Glen Moy’ (Early season summer fruiting) - Produces an abundance of firm, medium sized fruits from June to July on virtually spine-free canes, which make harvesting a pleasure.
Raspberry ‘Glen Ample’ (Mid season summer fruiting) - RHS AGM winner. Exceptional high-yielding mid season variety, producing a heavy crop of large, deep red, succulent berries, with superb flavour.
Raspberry ‘Joan J'(Late season autumn fruiting) - RHS AGM winner. An outstanding autumn-fruiting primocane variety that produces an abundance of juicy and sweet-tasting berries over a long cropping period.

Estimated time to cropping once planted: 4-8 months.
Estimated time to best yields: 16-20 months.

All of our Raspberries have been inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture for pests and diseases and certified. The bare root plants are hand graded and carefully selected before packing.

Useful links:

How to grow raspberries

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    • 9 raspberry canes - 3 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
    • £24.99
    • 18 raspberry canes - 6 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
    • SAVE £19.98  
    • £54.97 £34.99

Onion 'Red Cross' (Autumn Planting)

Allium cepa

Autumn planting.

This attractive red onion produces large, red skinned bulbs with crisp white flesh that shows clearly defined red rings when sliced. This Autumn planting variety over winters well and makes a tasty addition to early summer salads. Unlike many red onion varieties, Onion ‘Red Cross’ stores well and can be kept for up to 3 months. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 15cm (6").

SPECIAL OFFER - To get your onions for buy 1 get 1 free, simply add your chosen packs to your order and your discount will be applied in your shopping basket. Please note, the cheapest pack will be free. Hurry, offer ends midnight Thursday 30th October or whilst stock lasts. P&P charges will apply.
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    • 75 onion sets

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
    • Buy 1 pack get 1 free  
    • £3.99
    • 150 onion sets

    • Despatch: By end of November 2014
    • Buy 1 pack get 1 free  
    • £7.98 £6.99

Aubergine 'Black Enorma' F1 Hybrid

Solanum melongena, Egg Plant

Early to crop with prolific sets of huge jet-black fruit up to 680g (1½lb). Just three plants will keep a family of four with aubergines from mid summer to late autumn. Aubergine Black Enorma is ideal for garden, patio or greenhouse. Stake plants and pick fruit regularly.

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    • 1 packet (40 aubergine seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • SAVE £2.30  
    • £2.99 £0.69