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Unusual Christmas Gifts

Sometimes we want to give something different at Christmas so we have a range of unusual Christmas gifts for you to choose from.

Our eye-catching Plaited Sansevieria houseplant is ideal for those friends and loved ones who might be lax on watering and feeding! To share the love this Christmas you may also like its sister Love Heart Sansevieria. We have softened the look of one of the toughest houseplants with a decorative love heart and shaped raffia strands, so your sentiments will be remembered well beyond the festive season!

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Plaited Sanseviera - Christmas Gift

This eye-catching, plaited, nine-stem sansevieria is sure to get noticed wherever it is displayed. This easy-care houseplant is ideal for those friends and loved ones who might be lax on watering and feeding! Renowned as one of the toughest houseplants, it will thrive with minimal attention on any sunny windowsill or bright spot around the home.

One plant in a 11cm black pot. Overall height 45cm.
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    • 1 x Plaited Sanseviera

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Pernettya - Christmas Gift

Make it a ‘berry’ merry Christmas for your loved ones with this festive favourite! Generous clusters of pink or white berries, dusted with glitter, shimmer like tiny baubles on a tree. When the Christmas festivities are over, this pernettya can be transferred to the garden where it will delight for many, many years. This evergreen shrub bears small bell-shaped flowers in early summer, followed by berries that persist on the plant through autumn, winter and long into the following spring. A truly long-lasting gift.

One plant in a 10.5cm (4in) pot with festive wrap.
Caution: berries are not for consumption. Can be planted outdoors.
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    • 1 x Pernettya 'Pink'

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    • 1 x Pernettya 'White'

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