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Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants can make the perfect gift. Our Narcissus ‘Tête à Tête’ brings a dose of springtime magic indoors with a basket of fragrant miniature daffodils. After flowering, the bulbs can be planted in the garden where they’ll re-flower in spring 2016. So you can get the most out of your plants this Christmas.

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Pernettya - Christmas Gift

Make it a ‘berry’ merry Christmas for your loved ones with this festive favourite! Generous clusters of pink or white berries, dusted with glitter, shimmer like tiny baubles on a tree. When the Christmas festivities are over, this pernettya can be transferred to the garden where it will delight for many, many years. This evergreen shrub bears small bell-shaped flowers in early summer, followed by berries that persist on the plant through autumn, winter and long into the following spring. A truly long-lasting gift.

One plant in a 10.5cm (4in) pot with festive wrap.
Caution: berries are not for consumption. Can be planted outdoors.
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    • 1 x Pernettya 'Pink'

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    • 1 x Pernettya 'White'

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