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Indoor Plants

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Ficus Ginseng - Gift

The easy way to get the bonsai look in the home. Bonsai are not the easiest of houseplants to care for, but our ficus bowl addresses that. Consider this the 'cheat's bonsai'. Easy to care for, with no need for specialist pruning or branch training, this striking house tree gives the Bonsai look without the fuss.

Supplied in a white or black ceramic bowl 18cm (7in) diameter (colours selected at random). Overall height approx 35cm (14in).
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    • 1 x Ficus Ginseng

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Surprise Gift

  • Make it a surprise!
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On a tight budget? Can't decide which of our beautiful gifts to send? Then let us do the hard work and choose a 'SURPRISE' gift for you from our catalogue and website range.

For only £8.99 you can send a gift worth at least £12.99, or spend £14.99 on a gift worth at least £19.99. You can order a maximum of 3 'SURPRISE' gifts of each value. Please note, we can't guarantee that all surprise items will be different.
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    • 1 x Deluxe Surprise Gift

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    • 1 x Surprise Gift

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Phalaenopsis - Mini Moth Orchid - Gift

Phalaenopsis (moth orchids) are fast becoming the must-have indoor plant. They flower for months at a time and their striking upright habit makes a bold architectural statement in any room of the house. Our unique-flowered mini moth orchid certainly has the 'cute factor'. Reaching no more than 30cm (12in), they make a fun gift for anyone just starting out with orchids, as well as seasoned orchid growers.

One plant in a 9cm (3.5in) ceramic pot. Flower colours may vary.
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    • 1 x Mini Moth Orchid

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Anthurium - Gift

We've worked with plant breeders to source the best anthuriums money can buy. These statement plants, with their romantic, heart-shaped flowers, are the perfect gift to express your love. Both the purple and pink versions will flower throughout the year.

One plant in a 14cm (6in) pot with zinc cachepot (designs may vary). Height approx 55cm (22in).
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    • 1 x Anthurium 'Purple'

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Succulent Basket - Gift

Keep up with the latest trend in indoor gardening and send a basket of succulents. Its easy to see why they're so popular: they tolerate low light levels, are exceptionally low maintenance and even thrive on neglect. Their thick, waxy foliage holds moisture really well so they can go a couple of weeks without needing water. Their intriguing shapes and forms keep evolving to ensure a lasting visual display with the minimum of fuss.

Three mixed succulents (plants may vary from illustration) in an 18cm handmade wood and bark basket. Heights will vary 15-20cm (6-8in).
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    • 1 x Succulent Basket

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Thunder Glass on Cast Iron Stand - Gift

This clever device helps to indicate when a storm is brewing; the higher the water rises up the sprout, the worse it's going to get! The glass barometer hangs on an attractive stand which can be mounted on a wall or placed on a wall or table. Includes colouring pigment and injector, and comes gift boxed.
Cast iron stand 11 x 6 x 5"/28 x 14 x 12cm. Glass container holds 0.5L.
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    • 1 x Thunder Glass on Cast Iron Stand

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