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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the perfect gift idea for him or for her. No need to spend ages working out their favourite perfume through indirect questions, treat them to an indoor plant to be cherished and loved for time to come, without the questions!

Why not try our customer favourite and long-lasting Hibiscus 'Festive Flair'. These exceptional, long-life hibiscus plants will deliver weeks of smiles during the festive season, with each flower in bloom for an incredible 4-6 days!

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Lavender Pyramid - Gift

Lavandula Augustifolia

Try our mini scented topiary lavender tree. Lavender isn't a fragrance associated with winter, but now you can bring the scent of summer to a grey January with our lavender pyramid. Delivered to you pruned to perfection, the grey-blue foliage offers an unusual topiary subject. This hardy lavender can be moved outside in spring, where it will bush out to flower through summer. Prune back to shape after flowering ready to bring in for use again next winter. Repeat the cycle for many years to come.

Supplied in an 18cm (7in) pot with an attractive gift bag. Height approx 60cm (24in). Pot illustrated is not supplied.
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    • 1 x Lavender Pyramid

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Orchid 'Star Class White' - Gift

  • Flowers up to 15 weeks
Light up celebrations with a living, floral candelabra. Fluttery, pearlescent petals have an appealing softness, their centres glowing like candles all the way up the stem. The aptly-named 'Star Class' is a timeless plant and has remained a customer favourite for the past ten years!

One premium grade, multi-stemmed plant supplied in bud in a 12cm (5in) pot with at least 9-12 flower clusters. Approx overall height 60cm (2ft). Presented in a zinc cachepot (designs may vary).
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    • 1 x Orchid 'Star Class White'

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Ficus Ginseng - Gift

The easy way to get the bonsai look in the home. Bonsai are not the easiest of houseplants to care for, but our ficus bowl addresses that. Consider this the 'cheat's bonsai'. Easy to care for, with no need for specialist pruning or branch training, this striking house tree gives the Bonsai look without the fuss.

Supplied in a white or black ceramic bowl 18cm (7in) diameter (colours selected at random). Overall height approx 35cm (14in).
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    • 1 x Ficus Ginseng

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Jasmine on a Hoop - Gift

Bring one of the most evocative perfumes encountered in the garden into the home! Jasmine fills an entire room with warm nuances of the truly exotic. Artfully coaxed into a circle, this living wreath is spangled with myriad pure-white flowers that explode from delicate pink buds to form a glistening halo.

Supplied in bud in an 11cm (4in) pot complete with a zinc cachepot.
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    • 1 x Jasmine on a Hoop

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Scented Gardenia 'Snowball' - Gift

  • Customer favourite
Add a little lustre to their celebrations with a sparkling gardenia. Gorgeous pearlescent blooms and glossy evergreen foliage make a classy statement, further boosted by an exotic perfume to delight the senses. Presented in a zinc cachepot, this sparkling gardenia will grace any home with a lasting display of opulent beauty and scent.

One plant in a 13cm (5in) pot complete with zinc cachepot. Height approx 30cm (12in), diameter 25cm (10in).
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    • 1 x Gardenia 'Snowball'

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