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Christmas Special Offers

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Amaryllis 'Splash' Gift

Amaryllis are known for their magnificent trumpet blooms atop towering stems. Our new ‘Splash’ reaches a maximum of 50cm (20in) - a demure height in the world of amaryllis, but tall enough to impress, and strong enough to stand straight with no need for support. Each stem produces at least four deep red flowers with pure-white ‘Christmas star’ centres for weeks of colour.

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How to grow Amaryllis

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    • 1 x Amaryllis 'Splash' Bulb

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Long-lasting Hibiscus 'Festive Flair' - Christmas Gift

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  • Long-lasting hibiscus
Bring a touch of the tropics to Christmas! These exceptional, long-life hibiscus plants will deliver weeks of smiles during the festive season. Their decorative candle buds remain tightly closed for up to 14 days before swirling open into the most lavish blooms up to 15cm (6in) across. Each flower lasts for an incredible 4-6 days! 'Festive Flair' will re-bloom many times during the year indoors and can also be moved to a sheltered patio during the summer months.

Supplied in bud in a 13cm (5in) pot with a zinc cachepot. Overall height 30-35cm (12-14in).
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    • 1 x Hibiscus 'Festive Flair'

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Surprise Christmas Gift

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On a tight budget? Can't decide which of our beautiful gifts to send? Then let us do the hard work and choose a 'SURPRISE' gift for you from our catalogue and website range.

For only £8.99 you can send a gift worth at least £12.99, or spend £14.99 on a gift worth at least £19.99. You can order a maximum of 3 'SURPRISE' gifts of each value. Please note, we can't guarantee that all surprise items will be different.
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    • 1 x Deluxe Surprise Gift

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    • 1 x Surprise Gift

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Jasmine on a Hoop - Christmas Gift

Bring one of the most evocative perfumes encountered in the garden into the home! Jasmine fills an entire room with warm nuances of the truly exotic. Artfully coaxed into a circle, this living wreath is spangled with myriad pure-white flowers that explode from delicate pink buds to form a glistening halo.

Supplied in bud in an 11cm (4in) pot complete with a zinc cachepot.
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    • 1 x Jasmine on a Hoop

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Stephanotis - The Madagascar Jasmine - Christmas Gift

Luxuriant glossy leaves on twining stems and fragrant clusters of pure white blooms make this an elegant houseplant addition and the ideal living Christmas gift. Stephanotis thrives in a warm conservatory but makes an equally attractive winter display in any warm well-lit room. Can be grown into a large specimen plant over time.

One plant in a 11cm (4in) pot complete with zinc cachepot. Height approx 45cm (18in).
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    • 1 x Stephanotis

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    • £19.99

Orchid Dendrobium 'Anna Green' - Christmas Gift

Striking lime-green flowers, each with a pair of deep red lips, make ‘Anna Green’ an unusual must-have gift for anyone who likes their orchids. Multiple flower spikes will develop from each sturdy stem, each offering up to 10 weeks of colour. A contemporary-looking plant that lends well to both modern and traditional house decor.

One plant in a 11cm (4in) pot complete with zinc cachepot. Height approx 60-70cm (24-27in).
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    • 1 x Orchid 'Anna Green'

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    • £24.99