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Special Collections : Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

We've joined forces with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to select two collections of seeds for gardeners. The Kew Collection from Thompson & Morgan and the Urban Garden Collection from Thompson & Morgan.

The Kew Collection

A range of gardeners' favourites flowers with a twist specially selected by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew from Thompson & Morgan.

Click on the varieties below to view items:
Alyssum Sweet White
Antirrhinum Chinese Lanterns
Aquilegia Sweet Rainbows
Aster Moonshine Mixed
Campanula Dwarf Pink
Coleus Palisandra
Cornflower Dairy Maid
Dianthus Siberian Blue
Diascia Rose Queen
Echinops Ruthenicus
Eryngium Miss Wilmott's Ghost
Euphorbia Amjilassa
Foxglove Milk Chocolate
Godetia Lady in Blue
Grasses (Ornamental) Hare's Tail
Kids - Gourds Russian Dolls
Lady's Slipper Sunset Mixed
Laurentia Avant-Garde Blue
Lupin Dwarf Pink Fairy
Marigold Doubloon
Nasturtium Whirlybird Cream
Pansy Mello 21 F1 Hybrid
Penstemon Husker's Red
Petunia Strawberry Sundae
Poppy (Meconopsis) Cambrica Double
Poppy (Meconopsis) Grandis
Poppy (Papaver) bracteatum
Salvia Red Arrows
Sunflower Key Lime Pie
Sweet Pea Bright & Breezy
Sweet Pea King Size Navy Blue
Verbena St George
Wallflower Sunset F1 Hybrid
Wildflower Fragrant Mixture
Zinnia Swizzle Cherry & Ivory
A range of varieties ideal for children to grow.
Kids - Mimosa Sensitive Plant
Kids - 'Fur Balls' (Gomphocarpus)
Kids - Calendula Porcupine
Kids - Nasturtium Tom Thumb
Kids - Sunflower Little Dorrit